Between Austria and Mexico

It was in 2009, during a trip to the state of Oaxaca, Mexico, when he had his first encounter with the black pottery handicrafts, without knowing that it would turn into the motivation that led him to work hand in hand with local workshops and artisans.

His name is David Pompa, a designer whose proposals break the border between traditional and contemporary processes.

While this creator was born in Austria, his Mexican background generated a strong connection with the Latin American culture. Perhaps, this reveals why his creations blend various crafts techniques with the pure lines that define European design.

“The Mexican market is proud to acquire national work,” states the founder of the namesake brand that opened 2013 his first store in the trendy district of Roma in the capital of Mexico. “For this reason, we support this trend by developing eclectic pieces that respect and drive the country heritage to a higher quality level.”

Along with his interdisciplinary studio based in Klagenfurt, Austria, the author gives life to plenty of accessories such as chairs, lamps (pendant, wall, floor, and table), and vases, among others, endowed with attributes like LED light bulbs that provide environmentally friendly items.

“As a result, each object challenges the production mechanisms to provide solutions that capture the essence of the national identity translated into a modern language,” points out the designer who introduced in October 2017 a temporary Pop-Up Shop at the Artek Helsinki Store in Finland.

Thereby, a wide range of innovative concepts emerges from materials that include polished copper and brass, hand-blown glass, and recycled PVC, all expressed in collections like Cometa, La Trufa, or La Caleta, which possess a unique personality that permeates vitality to any space.

Written by Pablo Hurtado @pabloihurtado

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 Photos by Studio davidpompa