A sui generis creator

If there is one word that stands out during his conversation, that one would be carte blanche, a French vocable with a metaphorical meaning of giving a person total freedom to act. This term could perfectly illustrate why once, before boarding a plane, he threw away a whole project in the dustbin, after he got … More A sui generis creator

A visceral manifesto

Two intimidating wild boar sculptures welcome us on a foggy morning of spring. After a short journey through a wooded landscape, we have arrived at Schloß Laudon, a stately home surrounded by water located in the environs of Vienna. Just in this spot, where Baron Ernst Gideon von Laudon, an Austrian generalissimo (the highest ranking … More A visceral manifesto

A city full of design

To open up creative processes and give scope for experimentation on-site, are the core elements of the VIENNA DESIGN WEEK, Austria’s largest design festival. During the event, which entered this year its 11th edition, the Austrian capital became a showcase for a diversity of creative manifestations. The philosophy of the platform defines design, more than … More A city full of design